We’re Here for the Churches!

Having pastored small churches for a large part of my preaching career I know how frustrating it can be when a needy family comes in the church needing a place to stay.  Small churches have a very limited budget when it comes to ministering to the downtrodden in a tangible way.  It can cost $100 a night to put up a family in a cheap hotel.  And that doesn’t feed them.  Yet I wanted to be the hands and feet of Christ in my ministry. In Matthew 25 Jesus talks about how the King will separate the sheep from the goats by how they ministered or did not minister to the hurting.  The sheep (the righteous) received their reward while the goats (the unrighteous) received eternal punishment.  But how can the church go about helping with their limited financial resources?  In 2008 Johnson County Christian Lodge in Cleburne, Texas was established in order to be the ministry facility that every church needed but no one church could afford.  The concept was that all of the churches would contribute to support this ministry and thereby be able minister as God expects.  The churches can refer the homeless to us to feed and house, and we can do it for about $8.00 per person per night.  In the 6+ years we have been open we have served over 1700 individuals with a total of 65,000 bed/nights and 165,000 meals.  Is your church among those who support us? If not, please pray about having your church put us in your budget this next year.  If you’d like for someone to come and make a presentation about this ministry go the contact section of this website.  We’d love to tell you more.

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  • It would be pretty tough as a small church because of the small budget. I think to try to help someone of the same congregation would be hard just because you really couldn’t help them with anything monetary. The nice thing is that you would have people that most likely would help from the congregation.

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