We are more than just a place to sleep!


Our first goal at Johnson County Christian Lodge Is to provide temporary housing to displaced individuals and families who have become homeless due to fire, natural disaster or other circumstances. A place to stay can be the first step toward reversing the tail-spin that homelessness can become.


Upon entering residency at the Lodge, clients will receive counseling from lodge staff and volunteers who will assess the needs of the resident and begin a referral process to other agencies and ministries. When clients follow the recommendations and guidance provided they will be able to start turning their life around relatively quickly.


Residents’ experience, skills and aptitudes will be assessed and appropriate vocational guidance will be provided. Contact will be made with available job placement agencies and prospective employers..


Staff and volunteers will share the love of God with residents and tell them about the wonderful gift of forgiveness that is available through Jesus Christ. Our experience shows that long-lasting results of life-style changes begin and continue with a personal relationship with Christ. When this relationship is rejected the long-term success of the client is very limited.

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