How to REALLY Help a Homeless Person!

Sometimes recognizing a homeless person is difficult. Many want to remain unrecognized. But there are those who are obviously homeless and, if you are truly caring, your heart goes out to them. You see them bundled against the cold and the rain or walking down the street in 104 degree weather and you want to do something for them. Perhaps they are temporarily taking refuge in the back corner of a fast-food restaurant but they obviously can’t afford to buy any food there. They look empty and lonely and apparently have no one in the world to turn to or confide in. Your first thought is “I can put them in a motel for a few nights.” Five nights in a cheap motel will cost you about $250. And what do they get for that? Five nights in a motel. That’s all.
But if you take them to a shelter such as ours and make a donation of $250 to the shelter they can get 25 nights in a comfortable bed, 3 meals a day, assistance obtaining an ID card, birth certificate and social security card. They take part in daily devotions and life-skills classes to help them improve themselves and prepare for independence. They get companionship with people who understand their situation and encouragement to begin working on becoming the person God intended them to be. They get referrals to a wide variety of agencies and ministries that they may not know about. They can get assistance obtaining food stamps and, if necessary, psychological counseling. They get help obtaining clothing and searching for employment. We can even get them financial aid and assistance enrolling in college classes at the local community college.
But most of all they also hear God’s message of salvation that they so desperately need.
So what do you think is the best deal for them? 5 nights in a cheap motel or a month of assistance in changing their life?
We’ve been getting people on their feet for 7 years now and have seen some amazing transformations. We have put a person in a bed for a night over 70,000 times. We have served over 160,000 meals. We have seen hundreds come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. That’s all.
Join us in helping change people’s lives. Click here to “REALLY” help a homeless person

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