Digging Deeper, Shoveling Faster!

The Challenge

Poverty and homelessness are dehumanizing and debilitating when faced alone.  The vast majority of the time the victims are unable to escape without help from someone.  It’s like they have fallen into a pit whose walls have been greased.  Unless someone offers a hand in the escape it is highly unlikely the victim will recover at all.  While in homelessness there are only two things that consume all of the homeless person’s mind and energy.  One, “where will I sleep tonight?” and two, “how will I eat today?”  Up until this year Johnson County Christian Lodge has concentrated on solving these two problems for victims of homelessness but through experience with thousands of homeless persons we have discovered that there are still multitudes of problems which are equally as difficult to solve:

The Problems

  • Affordable housing is very hard to come by
  • Lack of saleable skills prevents obtaining real gainful employment
  • The costs of transportation (car, insurance, fuel, etc.) are crippling
  • Much needed medical and dental treatments are out of reach for the majority
  • Money management skills are non-existent

I could go on and on but I’m trying to limit my blogs to 500 words.

The Solutions?

Just housing the homeless is a nice step but so much more needs to be done.  We are now in the throes of examining what more can be done for the homeless and just how those things can be accomplished here in Johnson County.  There are many resources available here in Cleburne but few are large enough to accomplish what needs to be done and there is little in the way of coordination of these services.

Our Commitment

We are about to embark on a journey to expand and coordinate services these people need.  We will need to begin raising funds for this effort.  We will also need volunteers who have the skills we need to launch these efforts.

What needs do you see for the homeless and how do you see yourself involved in the process?  We’d love to hear from you.