Homeless!  How Did I Get Here?


After six years of listening to people’s stories about their own personal journey to homelessness I have heard literally thousands of stories about how people become homeless.  It may have been a fire or natural disaster which claimed a family’s home.  Perhaps someone is just coming out of jail or prison and has nowhere to turn.  Maybe there has been extended medical expenses that have consumed all of a person’s resources.  Sometimes a marriage or relationship has disintegrated and one of the parties was forced to leave.  Sometimes employment has ended and families are no longer able to pay their rent or utilities.  Whatever the circumstance, a high percentage of people today are only one paycheck away from homelessness.  Usually, in the final analysis, it boils down to a series of poor or wrong choices or decisions.  Financial decisions, social decisions, employment decisions, health or drug use decisions.  Many times it is not massively inappropriate decisions but rather a series of small decisions that accumulate with disastrous results.  So the bad news is that people get to a place they don’t want to be by the choices they make.

The good news is that by the same process that took them to a place they don’t want to be they can get to a place they do want to be by making better choices.  That’s GREAT news.

Here at Johnson County Christian Lodge we assist homeless persons in making better choices that will bring better results.  While a person is homeless there are really only 2 things on their minds;  where will I sleep and what will I eat?  Until those circumstances are taken care of survival is of foremost concern.   We take care of both of those concerns so that the individuals can concentrate on making the better choices that will improve their condition.  Here at Johnson County Christian Lodge we’ve been doing that for over 6 years for more than 1700 people and we do it without charge.  Getting our people re-employed and re-housed is our top priority.