Jul 042013

Once again it’s children who seem to lead the way. This past week the residents at JCCL were blessed by the children and staff from First Baptist Church of Godley, Texas. The church had about 120 young children attending their vacation Bible school program and they selected the Johnson County Christian Lodge to receive their mission project for the week. G. Carrell, VBS Director, came by the lodge and dropped off 57 individually prepared “care kits.” Each kit included such needed items as toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant , shampoo, combs and even snacks. The residents were so pleased to receive their outpouring of love and encouragement. Thank you FBC Godley for thinking of us.

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Jul 042013

In addition to needing individuals to help out, there are also physical needs that we have as we operate our current facility and work to open the new one.  Please take a look at this list and let us know if you might be interested in helping out.  One huge thing you can do is to share this list with others on social media who might not know about the lodge or our needs.


  • The City Inspectors are requiring that we install a Resident Dorm area Fire Sprinkler, Alarm System, and larger windows in the new facility before an occupancy permit can be issued. Estimated full installation cost now is $30,000-$40,000.
  • Donations of lockable school-type lockers for residents to store personal valuables. Need about 30 total lockers.
  • Paper products [Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Heavy duty Paper plates and bowls, Plastic utensils, Diapers, Aluminum Foil. etc.]
  • Cases of drinking water for reconstruction workers.

New Campus item needs:

  • Sponsors to donate $350 designated to cover a metal twin over full bed for resident rooms. 8 still needed.
  • People willing to ADOPT a room. For $1500 we can make the necessary repairs, update plumbing and electricity and provide furnishings for one resident’s room. We will even put a small dedication plaque by the door designating this room was adopted by _______ person or group. You must also commit to pray regularly for whoever is currently in “your” room.
  • 10 Full size mattresses
  • Twin and Full size sheets, blankets & pillows
  • Dishes/Plastic ware
  • Pots and pans
  • Kitchen supplies
  • Freezers (4) 3 One has been received.
  • Refrigerators (4) 3 One has been received.
  • Computers (6)  5 One has been received
  • Storage shelves
  • Washing Machines (2) One has been received
  • Clothes Dryers (2) One has been received
  • Office Furniture [Desks/chairs/lamps/file cabinets/shelves]
  • Office Supplies
  • Sofa and chairs for lounge area and Lobby
  • Folding chairs and tables for dining area
  • Camera Surveillance system
  • Electric oven
  • Bar B Q Grill (Propane)
  • A building alarm system.
  • Laminate floor coverings
  • Picnic tables
  • Outside lounge furniture
  • Meat and fresh produce
  • Built in Dishwasher
  • Plywood, Drywall—materials and installers
  • Money donations continue to be needed. As new residents come in all expenses increase
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Jul 032013

Many of you have emailed and asked how you can help us in our efforts.  Take a look at the following list and see where you might be able to plug in and get involved.


Reconstruction helpers:

We need individuals, or groups, who are willing to come in and help install dry wall, flooring, repair fences, replace appliances, repair plumbing and electrical problems, paint, put in windows, and much more in the new site. In other words, warm bodies willing to get dirty and work hard where needed. We can even use people to just carry tools, water and the occasional Band-Aid to other helpers.

 Receptionist: 12-4pm one day a week [we will accept a commitment of more days, if requested]

  • Answer phones
  • Serve as backup if Site Managers need to leave the premises
  • Check bicycles in/out
  • Set out snacks
  • Give out applications
  • Oversee computer use
  • Receive donations

All of the above duties are on an as needed basis. Most times your primary responsibility is just to be available and on-site to assist our residents and take in donations. If you can’t commit to the full 4 hours any time within that 12 to 4pm period would still be appreciated.

Grocery pick-up: 1:30-3:00pm Monday, Wednesday or Friday

We pick up items donated by the Kroger store on N. Henderson at 2pm 3 days a week. You will need to use your own vehicle but we provide training, and assistance, if needed.


We need several people who could volunteer one day a week to be available to provide transportation to our residents from 9am to 3pm. You would be transporting Lodge residents from the lodge to medical appointments, government assistance offices, classes, interviews, Spirit of Sharing and/or Operation Blessing. You can call the lodge the day before your chosen day and find out if you will be needed or not. Residents must provide 24 hour notice of need to be eligible for this service. You could either remain with them or return at a designated time to pick them up.

Inventory work:

This is a short term need. We need someone, preferably two (2) people who will inventory our three (3) storage units. The units contain furniture, dishes, washers, dryers and other donated items that we have received to assist our resident graduates when they move into their own apartments and in preparation for opening our own second site.

 Summer time childcare:

During the summer school break we need someone to watch the children who are at the lodge while their parents are either at work or looking for employment. This needs to be organized play and craft activities. This would also be a great opportunity for a church youth group to come and do a backyard Bible Study type program. Our children numbers fluctuate greatly and it could be as few as 2 children or as many as 15. Adults could take children off-site to pre-approved local attractions.

Child care:

We still need someone to watch the children at the lodge for a couple of hours on Thursday nights [apx.7-8:30pm] so that parents can attend our in-house Bible Study.


We need individuals or groups to cook or provide a special dinner occasionally for the residents.


We need volunteers who are willing to lead classes [one time seminar or a short term series] on developing parenting skills, dressing for a successful job search, developing a budget, filling out job applications, anger management, and cooking low cost healthy meals. We are especially in need of a Literacy or GED teacher. Classes would either be during the day or in the evening. Schedule based on your availability.

Full-time Resident Managers:

When we open our new facility we will need a full time couple who can live-in our current facility and oversee the Singles Campus. You will receive a small on-site apartment with bath, meals, vehicle, cable, utilities and phone. There is no monetary compensation at this time. It would be great for a retired couple or a seminary/university couple who would work in exchange for their living expenses.


We are looking for licensed counselors and life coaches who are looking to start a new personal practice or expand an existing one that are in need of office space. In exchange for providing family, parenting, substance abuse, personal growth, sexual abuse counseling services to our residents, on an as needed basis, we will provide free office space and utilities. The offices will be located in the public counseling/clinic wing of the new facility. We hope to have this area available for use within the next 3 to 4 months.


  1. Concerning expansion of lodge facilities.
  2. Concerning financial needs.
  3. Concerning the development of additional assistance programs.
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Jul 022013
  1. The paperwork has been filed and the Deed transferred. What you see is now OURS.
  2. Executive Chef, James Gardner, has joined our staff as Food Service Coordinator. He will plan and oversee all meals as well as develop a “Chef-in-Training” program for interested residents and a community cooking class on “Budget Nutrition”. [see photo highlights]
  3. Amy Heaton has accepted the position of Volunteer Coordinator. She will head up our fledgling volunteer program and coordinate all volunteer activities. Anyone interested in helping out either regularly or one-time only please call the lodge and ask for Amy or email her at Amy@jcclodge.org.
  4. 25 1st-4th grade girls from the Girls In Mission group at FBC Windermere Church in Windermere, Florida donated their weekly missions offering to the lodge this past month. Since January they have saved $70.00 that they wanted us to have to help provide homes for those people who had no place to sleep at nights. Two of the girls, plus one helpful big brother, went a step further, they made craft items and then set up a table in front of their house where they could sell these items to raise additional funds. [see photo highlights]
  5. Our Facebook page continues to progress.  This is a great way of allowing us to share the progress on our lodge as well as immediate needs and special events. Follow us on Facebook, “Like” our site, and share our posts with your Friends. Let’s get the word out about this work.
  6. We have worked out an arrangement with the city that removes our need to install a large $9000 commercial Vent-A-Hood system. All meals in the new facility will be prepared at the current location by our house chef and transported daily to the new site. Since only oven and microwave heating will be actually done at the new site we will not need to install this additional equipment.
  7. Our current site manager has returned to the facility following an extended absence due to the illness of her daughter. The doctors feel she has made enough progress that she can at least return to the lodge. Please, continue to pray for Jennifer and her daughter that God will grant complete recovery.
  8. Bill and Eileen continued to present displays and information at local churches and Service organizations about the Lodge and our purpose and vision for these coming years. The interest has been great.
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Jul 012013

Summer is upon us and with it come multiple challenges.  The children are out of school and looking for something to keep them busy.  Yard work begins to ramp up and our lodge fills to the brim.  We are currently at our capacity of 28 and turning people away daily.  Work is continuing on the new facility and we hope to have it open for residents by fall.  The speed of our progress is dependent on the financial support we get to pay for things like the fire alarm and sprinkler system.

During the summer our utility bills begin to rise as we try to cool our facilities.  The number of showers increases so our water use goes up as well.

We do our best to help those with dependency issues-those who have been through detox but still need ongoing counseling to stay clean and sober.  They want, very much, to stay clean but there are so many local sources for drugs and alcohol that it is very difficult.  Please pray that Cleburne will be able to clean out more of the drug houses on the east side.

Many of our people have found jobs and are working hard to keep them.  We try to help them organize their lives so they are on time for work every day.  Sometimes transportation is an issue so pray that we get some volunteers to help with that need.

We have had a lot of success stories over the past several months of people who have found permanent housing and are working to stay in them.  It is truly a joy when someone finally “graduates” back into independent living.

If any of you have a spare evening it would be great to have your family, Sunday School Class, service club or church come by and prepare dinner for the residents.  You can see how things run and what kind of folks we are helping.  Not only would it be great to have you feed them but to spend a little time getting to know some of them.  They desperately need to make friends with a whole new group of people who can be a positive influence on their lives.

The need for housing continues.  We have served over 4,000 bed/nights so far this year so the problem is not going away.  Join us in prayer and service as we help change lives and win souls to Christ.

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